Autumn Picnic Engagement Photos with a Save the Date Cake

When we first started talking about engagement photos, Chelsea came to me with a very clear vision. Leaves changing on the trees, a picnic, and Taylor Swift evermore vibes. In my humble opinion, this session delivered that ten-fold! Complete with a save the date cake, a champagne toast, and just about the only trees that changed color in all of Oklahoma, these autumn picnic engagement photos were the perfect fit for Chelsea & Aaron.

A couple sits on a picnic blanket. They are looking at each other and they have a cake in front of them.

The Perfect Engagement Picnic Complete with a Homemade Save the Date Cake

When we arrived at their engagement session, Chelsea and Aaron pulled a full picnic set up out of their trunk–they came prepared. The cutest pink quilt, a basket with champagne for a toast, and a bouquet made by Chelsea. But, the star of the show was a save the date cake homemade for them by a friend, just for their engagement session. We love a supportive friend!

We found a cute little spot in an open field, surrounded by tall grass. It felt like the perfect little oasis for a picnic! As I was photographing them cutting the cake, I told them it felt like I was third-wheeling on the most idyllic date of all time.

I think adding a little set up like this to an engagement session is such an easy way to make your photos more unique and personal! Obviously every couple is different. For Chelsea & Aaron, a sweet little picnic was the perfect “activity” to add to their engagement photos, but there are so many other options as well that can be super personal to every couple!

Autumn leaves changing color.

A man hugs his fiancee from behind. She is smiling back at him. They are standing in a park among autumn trees changing color.

A cake sits on a picnic blanket. It has the wedding date November 16, 2024 written on it.

A couple sits on a picnic blanket in a park. The girl is holding a cake, laughing. She has just put a fingerful of icing on her fiance's nose.

A couple stands on a gravel road surrounded by trees changing color.

A couple stand side by side holding champagne glasses, looking at each other.

A Champagne Toast

In addition to their picnic, Chelsea & Aaron brought along a bottle of champagne and a couple of cute coupe glasses! Adding a little celebratory champagne toast to an engagement session is so fun and makes for some super classic photos. I always encourage popping the bubbly to celebrate this season of life!

If you want to see another take on a champagne toast at an engagement session, check out these golden hour engagement portraits on a family ranch.

A couple stands under a pergola draped in greenery. They are looking at each other.

A couple kisses in a park.

A cake and a basket with a bottle of champagne in it sit on a picnic blanket in a park.

A couple sit on a picnic blanket, looking at each other.

A man pours champagne into a glass at a picnic engagement.

A couple kiss on a gravel path surrounded by autumn trees.

Autumn Leaves in Oklahoma

Autumn is a favorite season for many for good reason. Who doesn’t love a beautiful scene of trees changing color? But it’s no secret that Oklahoma isn’t exactly the most idyllic location for those autumn leaves. For couples who want fall colors in their engagement photos, my secret weapon is Martin Nature Park in Oklahoma City.

You’d never guess it, but these photos were taken right off the turnpike in a little nature preserve! The trees here are some of the most vibrant I’ve seen in Oklahoma during the fall. There’s a short window to catch them, but we were right on time for Chelsea & Aaron’s session!

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