a jesus lovin', sunshine seeking, history obsessed photographer who loves to document joy

alison brooke helms

about me

Beyond just being the gal behind the camera, I'm a student a Oklahoma Christian University, a self-proclaimed James Madison expert, and a girl that wears A LOT of yellow. I'm currently working toward my BA in History so I can become a high school history teacher while pursuing photography on the side; however, photography is more than just a side job to me! It is the manifestation of my entrepreneurial spirit and my love for serving others as well as documenting their most precious memories (that's the historian in me talking).

my mission

You've heard me say it: I LOVE history. And guess what? The documentation of YOUR memories is just as important as the preservation of the lives of people like James Madison, Queen Elizabeth, or Barack Obama. Your high school graduation? That's history. Marrying the love of your life? History. Having your first precious baby? You guessed it... history.

Photographs are more than just something pretty to post on your Instagram feed (though that's fun too); they are heirlooms. Something your great great great great grandchildren will look back on with awe and wonder in their eyes.

I want to be the one who tells your story--who creates the photographs for the people of the future to look back on and wonder what life could've been like for these unique individuals. I want to capture your joy, your new beginnings, your moments through my magical light box and produce something tangible for you to hold on to for years to come.

Sound like a plan?

let's get started

Here's the thing--I want to be more than just your photographer; I want to be your friend!

so if we're gonna be best buds, here's what you need to know