and i'm so happy you're here!

hi, I'm alison!

about me

My name is Alison Brooke Helms, I'm a Texan, I drive almost exclusively with the windows down, and I feel most myself when I’m behind my camera. I’m currently a student at Oklahoma Christian University where I'm pursuing a degree in Journalism.

I’ve been a wedding and portrait photographer for over five years, and I started my business when I was 16! I’m a believer that everyone has a story and a believer that one of my greatest purposes in this life is to document people.

I love antiques, staring at the sun until my eyes hurt, and Jesus. When I’m not working, you can find me making a fool of myself with my sister, watching literally any movie with Kevin Costner in it, or making a late night run to Whataburger.

my mission

History is not just the figures we read about in textbooks. History is the black and white photograph of your grandparents cutting their wedding cake that has been hanging on the wall for as long as you can remember. History is personal. History is real. History is for everyone because every individual being has one.

That’s why I want to give you breath-takingly beautiful heirloom photographs that you (and future generations) will be able to look back on with fond memories and a little bit of magical nostalgia.

I believe in intentional artistry, extraordinarily ordinary moments, and fun. 

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